With two NICs, can I make a hotspot on 1 and use resin-wifi-connect on the other?



I have an app that requires internet access, and publishes a web/REST interface (that only needs to be accessed by users/devices local to it). I have a Rpi3 hosts with two NICs (onboard WiFi plus another USB WiFi dongle).

So, I want:

  • one of the NICs to be a gateway - either provide the resin-captive-portal AP or connect to the internet (through some other local wifi).
  • the other NIC to provide a HotSpot (so I can serve my app from it).

I found instructions for configuring a hotspot here, and resin-captive-portal looks like a perfect solution for decentralising gateway configuration. But the documentation I can find seems to assume either hotsport or internet access, but I want both. Is there some way to do it (without having to write dbus scripts)?