Where to store files, to be visible over different applications



Where can i store my files, to persist application changes ?

i can put them in /data, works fine over regular updates. However; when i move my device to a different ‘application’, these contents are gone too.

Is there a place i can put files that will persist over application movements, so i can keep using the same files?

The reason for doing so is, i can move a device in a BETA or TESTING application, and still use it’s configuration files that are stored centrally.






Note: For devices running resinOS version 2.12.0 and above, data in persistent storage (named volumes) is automatically purged when a device is moved to a new application. On older host OS versions, the /data folder in the new application will not contain any of the old application data, but it can still be accessed via the host OS and if the device is switched back to the original application. Unless you plan to revert back to the original application, be sure to purge the /data folder.


Hi @salorob,

When moving between applications, /data contents (for pre-2.12.0 applications) is not available to the new application but is available from the host (or will still be available if the original application is reinstated on that device).

Please see https://docs.resin.io/learn/manage/actions/#move-to-another-application for more information.

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