Unburning a usb?


I recently burned lubuntu to an 8gb usb drive using etcher, and need to use a different ubuntu version now, how do I unburn the usb?


Etcher should just burn the new version over the old, is there something preventing this?


I was going to use it for storage purposes temporarily, but I have fixed it now, Thanks.


How did you fix your USB. I’m having an issue with mine.


The issue is that etcher repartition usb drives when you burn some image on it. Therefore, there was 60 mb of memory as one partition on my usb stick, and the rest was an unallocated space. I have found a suggestion somewhere on ubuntu forums to repartition usb drive using gparted. It worked, and my usb drive works perfectly now.

  1. Open gparted on a Linux machine;
  2. create a new partion table;
  3. repartition the drive, so that there is only one drive and no unallocated space
  4. reboot your PC, and your OS will detect usb drive. You will be able to use it as you usually do.

Gparted will show you several error messages, but you can just skip them. Everything will work.

I tried using standard Windows utilities to repartition usb stick, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Good luck.