RPi Zero missing from device type list


I am trying to add RPi Zero W to an application but a RPi Zero or 1 is not available in the device type list. Is this a bug or have you stopped supporting it?


@mhoejgaard if you are looking on resinos.io , then you can download a “Raspberry Pi 1” image, it is exactly the same as the RPi0


That’s a good start but I guess I won’t have all the nice management features? As far as I understand this is image will not interact with the resin.io. Am I correct?


@mhoejgaard, yeah if you want on resin.io, you just create an Application of type “Raspberry Pi (v1 or Zero)” then download that image.


We might be misunderstanding each other. My issue is that the device type “Raspberry Pi (v1 or Zero)" is not present on resin.io.


That’s certainly not expected. Could you post a screenshot of the ‘DEVICE TYPE’ dropdown extended so I can see what devices you’re seeing?


The issue seems to be gone now - at least the device is back. I’ll post a picture if will I experience it again.