Rpi won't boot / ethernet not working on v2.15.1+rev2


Hi All,
I was running a Embedded Pi with a CM3 module.
This was running fine under: Resin OS 2.12.7+rev1.
Now i saw there was a update, so i updated my dev machine to the latest v2.15.1+rev2.
But after the upgrade the device is not coming online anymore via ethernet.
So i installed a clean img, but still is the device not reachable or getting online in the dashboard.
Any idea how to fix this?


Will try to upgrade a 2nd device and see if the same problem occurs.


Hmm, 2nd device bricked to. I do have to re flash it to get it working again. Somehow v2.15.1+rev2 won’t let me boot or let the ethernet work. Iam not sure.
The status led won’t even blink at all.

Anyone any idea what could be wrong?
I will downgrade to 2.12.7+rev1 to see if it i get the device working again.

Edit: flashed back to 2.12.7+rev1 and its working again. But i am wondering what can be the problem with v2.15.1+rev2.


Hi, one way for diagnosing this is to use a .dev image and a USB-serial cable to connect to your device from your laptop.

Since the issue is not existing in earlier versions alternatively you may bisect which version introduces this issue.

In v2.13.3 we switched the DHCP client used by NetworkManager to the internal one (provided by systemd) - this comes as a possible cause to my mind. If you create a resinstaging.io account, you will be able to access more OS versions (by choosing Show outdated versions in the download dialog). Can you please check whether this issue exist in v2.13.5+rev1 and if so then try v2.13.2+rev1 as well?


Hi, were you able to resolve the connectivity issue. I am working on a connectivity diagnostic tool that may help us in finding up more on this issue: https://github.com/resin-io-playground/nm-debug-logs

Please ping me in case you need more assistance on this.


Hi @majorz unfortunately i didnt yet find the time to look into it more.
For now i reverted to the working image and i still need to test from what image the connection breaks. This takes time since i have to re flash it with every next image.


Sounds good. I will be updating the tool today and will post more information here, so that whenever you have a bit of time to flash latest OS version you can try it out and send me back the debug logs for further investigation. Thanks a lot!