ResinOS on Pi scans for 0 Wifi Networks



I’m trying to connect a raspberrypi3 with Resin OS 2.13.6+rev1 installed to the wifi network i’m working in. The problem here is, that

nmcli device wifi rescan 
nmcli device wifi list

results in this list:

SSID           MODE           CHAN          RATE        SIGNAL        BARS       SECURITY

with no entries.


Are you running nmcli from the host OS or a terminal connected to the application container?


I’m running nmcli from the terminal using a connection to HostOS


Can you please provide me a dashboard link with support access enabled for the device in a private message? I can enable debug logging in NetworkManager and check for the potential reason.


Thanks for the help, but the problem was a defect Wifi-Module on the pi.
The issue resolved after exchanging the pi.


Thanks for the follow up! Glad that it is resolved.