Resin CLI installation instructions for containers



Hello, my Resin applications are generally rooted at resin/raspberrypi3-debian:latest and I would like to integrate the Resin CLI into my environment to get more functionality from the Resin APIs. Now, I see the installation instructions here, but I’ve had a very tough time getting node to install as part of my system package installation Dockerfile stanza. After trying a few options found on the Internet, I basically gave up.

What is the correct Node installation incantation for Debian? I’ll be honest that I’d prefer not to take a NodeJS dependency in my container if I don’t already have this. Are there other CLI variants that I could use?


Edit: here’s an example of the last attempt to get NodeJS installed (setup_6.x and setup_8.x each failed in different ways):

RUN curl -sL | sudo -E bash - \
     && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends \
     nodejs \
     && npm install --global --production resin-cli

I currently interact with the Resin APIs through a Python wrapper around the Resin SDK for Python:


Is npm and nodejs installed on your workstation/laptop? Not sure why Docker or your Dockerfile are entering the picture.

I just installed as per instructions, all good.


Thanks for the feedback. I use the Resin APIs from the Resin-deployed applications to discover the expected topology of devices in other applications, so I need Resin CLI deployed to my devices, not my development environment/laptop. As I mentioned, I created a lightweight wrapper around the Python SDK for this but I’d like the more full-featured CLI if possible.

Edit: I’ve edited the title of this thread to make the intent more clear.


Hi, we have the base images with nodejs preinstalled come with few variants (, base images for raspberry pi 3 With these images, you can just install resin-cli without worrying about other dependencies (If you use the Slim variant, you might need few dependencies like python or git since we don’t preinstall them).


Thank you. I’ll give this a try.