Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Boot & Flash from USB to microSD?


Has anyone figured out how to do this?

I currently have to flash the microSD directly from a laptop, then use it to boot the Pi. That’s far less scalable than having a single USB that I can plug into a new device, flash it, then move on to the next.

The web suggests that B+ enables USB boot by default, but I only get a blank screen if I try to boot with a Resin image burned with Etcher.




Hi, we’re currently looking into this, but it appears that the RPi 3 B+ currently does not enable usbboot with a blank SD-card by default.


What the RPi 3 B+ does enable by default though, is booting from a USB attached mass-storage device instead of from the SD-card – if that’s what you mean?


Regarding the blank screen – what Resin image are you flashing?


@jhermsmeier I just tested again - flashed a USB stick with v2.12.5+rev2 in production mode and tried to boot with a fresh SD-card in the slot but it never initializes the display. The power to the display never comes on. If I flash the SD-card with the image, it powers up fine.