New to ResinOS, issues installing screenly


I am using this tutorial to install ResinOS and Screenly. no problems until i go to use git to install screenly ose.
Using the terminal in the browser, I get the error below in the screenshot.
Am I missing something… i try to install git but it just errors out.

Any help is welcomed


hey @it_pplus, it looks like you’re trying to clone Screenly on your device’s host OS. You should actually be doing this on your development computer.

The YouTube video in the tutorial might be helpful to illustrate - start around the one-minute mark:

Hope that helps - let us know if you run into any other issues!


I have tried to ssh in using putty, but i don’t know the default username password. Are they the same as my login credentials for Or am not understanding the video?


You shouldn’t need to ssh in to the device. You will clone the Screenly project locally, on your laptop/desktop, and then remotely push the code to your device. The code will be packaged in a Docker container, which will run on top of your device’s host OS.

It might also be helpful to follow the getting started guide first, to get the hang of things, and then follow the tutorial to install Screenly OSE:

There’s more information about how works here: and here:


Thank you. I will go through that information