Manage/update applications on an offline device



Is it possible to support/manage devices which for various reasons are no longer connected to the internet and only on LAN hence manually update.

All connected devices will get their updates as expected, but all offline devices will not.

I know of the ‘resin local’ calls, but it does not seems to allow management of applications (docker containers). It is possible to stop applications via ‘resin local stop’, but as I understand it is not possible to start/update existing applications. ‘resin local push’ talks about some form of update of a container, but is unsure if this is applicable. Is this possible in some way to manage/update applications (docker container) on LAN only device?

Manually started applications (docker containers) are not recognized by the dashboard after reconnection. Is it possible to start existing or new applications on a LAN device and ensure these are discovered after reconnect to the dashboard?


resin local push is only for development at this stage. We are looking at ways of performing updates without an internet connection, and I’ve attached this topic as a +1 on that. This should also mean that this topic gets updated with progress.



Found which is related. Seems to provide a CLI interface change proposal for update of LAN only devices. Status of issue is unknown


So further to the details on that issue the multicontainer update has happened and gone well, but otherwise that issue has no secrets and is transparent.