Flashing images to USB gives odd errors, renders drives unusable


every time i have used Etcher to make a bootable USB drive, i get errors with it being unrecognized. after plugging it back in to the original desktop, i get 2 different error messages, 3 times.

i will first get a prompt to format the drive, this will pop up 3 times for each drive. if i try and format, the size will either be around 300 KB or 600 MB (size of image). it will say the drive is write protected, and close.

if i try and get etcher to re-image the drive, it will pop up an error message that i screencapped below.

this has now happened to my 3rd and last available USB drive. i can’t use any of my USB drives for anything, you can see in the last image that drives J, K and L are all a single USB drive. the G drive always appears alongside the USB drive, it’s unrelated to this issue and hasn’t caused any problems otherwise.