Fail to update udev rules



Trying to setup the Movidius NCSDK 2 API on resin io through a local push. Installation is going well until the install script tries to reload udev rules. This is the part of the script that fails

# Update udev rules
echo "Updating udev rules..."
$SUDO_PREFIX cp $SDK_DIR/udev/97-usbboot.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
$SUDO_PREFIX udevadm control --reload-rules || RC=$?
if [ $RC -ne 0 ] ; then
    echo "Warning udevadm control --reload-rules reported an return code = ${RC}"
$SUDO_PREFIX udevadm trigger || RC=$?
if [ $RC -ne 0 ] ; then
    echo "Warning udevadm trigger return code = ${RC}"

This is the output I get

Successfully installed mvnc-
NCS Python API has been installed in /opt/movidius, and PYTHONPATH environment variable updated
NCS Libraries have been installed in /usr/local/lib
Updating udev rules…
Warning udevadm control --reload-rules reported an return code = 2
Adding user ‘root’ to ‘users’ group

Installation is complete.
Please provide feedback in our support forum if you encountered difficulties.
—> 1c16a6a4ea5c
Removing intermediate container 22eade9a6145
Step 6/6 : RUN /bin/bash
—> Running in 0da0763e6f72
—> 7f30107897a3
Removing intermediate container 0da0763e6f72
Successfully built 7f30107897a3
Successfully tagged local-app:latest

  • Cleaning up previous image of ‘local-app’
  • Creating ‘local-app’ container
  • Starting ‘local-app’ container

Push completed successfully!

  • Streaming application logs…

I am getting a return code 2 not sure what this means. Anyone ran into something similar?