Devices with 2.13.6+rev1 not pulling the latest release


I created some releases and expected them to be applied to the devices that I had commissioned earlier. However, the releases all had “Devices 0” and no indication of what went wrong. When I was looking around in the host OS I accidentally found the output of “date” to be 2 weeks behind, so I figured that would cause HTTPS issues. After changing the date manually (date 08062018) the device started downloading the release right away.

So I was sharing this topic as a help to anyone experiencing the same, and for Resin to figure out of something in 2.13.6 is stopping the Raspberry Pi from doing a NTP sync on startup.


Apparently the systemd-timesyncd is missing from 2.13.6+rev1



From v2.13.1 of resinOS we’ve replaced systemd-timesyncd with chrony, although it should have been syncing NTP correctly.

Does the network you’re on have full whitelisting of the required ports needed for resin (including port 123 for NTP)?

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The network is just NAT without any firewall restrictions. Apparently chrony had not started correctly. After issuing a chrony restart it resumed normally and the download started immediately.


It sounds like we encountered this issue as well. It was resolved on next reboot, but didn’t get time on startup and reverted to the build time instead.


Unfortunately Chrony was a bit temperamental in v2.13.6. We have merged a pull request that has fixed a few issues in v2.14

In the meantime, you can do a quick check on chrony using

systemctl status chronyd
chronyc sources

If those give a timeout, daemon not found etc.

systemctl restart chronyd

should temporarily fix things