Container crashed?


I run the application in a container on raspberry 2.
The application seems to have stopped and no more log output was written. (for more than 3 hours) But also no error was loggeds, seems just frozen.
Also in TTN console it was displayed as last seen 3hours ago, so I guess it was really stopped/blocked.
In Resin the container was displayed as running.
After restart the application was running fine again.
Is there any change to find out why the application stopps from time to time?
It does not happen in regular way, sometimes after days of runtime.


This is a common issue. I too had the problem and it got fixed automatically. All it took was some time.


Hi, when this happens, can you try and fetch the supervisor logs and post them here please? This will help us debug the problem

journalctl --no-pager -u resin-supervisor

ran from the host OS webterminal would fetch you these logs.