Can't run vcgencmd?


I’m a beginner of Just want to start with dumping RPi system temp and CPU info.
I tried with Python and from terminal I couldn’t find vcgencmd which I though bundled with raspbian (I’m using resin/rpi-raspbian:wheezy). Do I make a wrong expectation or anything missing?



Hey philip,
You haven’t missed anything, but the reason that vcgencmd isn’t there is because libraspberrypi-bin firmware isnt installed by default in the rpi-raspbian image, this is done to save on space.

However it is very easy to install, all you need to do is add this line to your dockerfile.

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y libraspberrypi-bin

then you should be able to just run vcgencmd as usual.
hope that makes sense.


Cool! It fixed my problem.