Can't get terminal in dashboard to connect on any of my devices



For all of my devices the terminal in the dashboard will not connect to the host or container.

Connection error
Reconnect failed



Can you please give us the dashboard link of the affected application and also grant support access to it, so that we can take a look?



I believe I have narrowed down the problem to my company network has begun blocking outgoing connections on port 22 out to the internet. I was able to get this to work outside my company network. This must be a recent change as I’ve always been able to use SSH outbound from our network prior to now.

So I’ll take that up with our IT dept. In the meantime, is there anyway to change the default port on which the built in SSH server listens?


Hi @wraithfive,

The web terminal in the dashboard web UI does not access port 22 directly, but if you are on a restrictive network it is entirely possible that something else is blocked.

You can try using the dev console of your browser to see what exactly is failing when trying to spawn the web terminal.

If your device is in the restricted company network, it’s also possible that some services may not work properly. On your question, currently we don’t provide a way to change the default SSH port on devices.